Return to Canyon Rapids

Barking Mad

About a month after your Naming in the forest of Idaho, each of you is contacted in what ever form necessary by one named Wiley Saw. You’ve heard the name from one of you fellow “class mates”, Robert “Lil Bobby” Tibbs. He was a scrawny Bone Gnawer Ragabash that surprised everyone by gaining a name with honors; Steals from Mamma Bear. Wiley Saw, who Bobby calls his grandfather, has a respected if dubious reputation among the more senior members of the council and packs.

His message is simple. He’d says that his boy speaks highly of each of you. He says that he’d like to meet you in a place called AFK in Everette, north of Seattle, and that he would consider it a personal favor if you agree to come. He offers to arrange transportation if needed.

The Holwer of the Pack
Stories at the Camp's Fire

Honor, glory, and wisdom serve only one unless they are shared around the Camp’s fire. Here will be collected tales of adventure in the battle against the Wyrm. All players have the right to add to this log as they desire.


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